Services for Individuals, Families, and Partners 

Life/Relationship Coaching: We are here to coach you through any life difficulty you are experiencing. Explore challenges, improve communication, foster increased trust & intimacy, and work toward a life that matches your personal values $200/hour or 12 session package $2,000

Financial CoachingExplore your personal relationship with money, identify your money script and how it impacts your financial decisions, psychological approaches to improve your financial decision-making $200/hour
or 12 session package $2,000

Financial MediationIf financial conflicts are causing a strain on your relationship, we will work with both parties to find a mutually agreeable solution $300/hour

Personal/Joint Taxes: Tax education, Tax planning, estimated payments Starting at $300/hour

Tax preparation & Filing Starting at $200/hour

Financial/Life PlanningBudgeting, tailored financial plan based on your values and life goals, life planning and ongoing updates to financial plan, retirement planning, financial training Starting at $150 per month

Debt Repayment/Spending PlanIf you are trying to find your way to stay afloat financially or trying to overcome debt. Let us help set a plan. Starting at $450