To help you achieve your most abundant life, guided by your values and our holistic care.


We at Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching LLC understand that the various parts of our unique human experiences are interconnected. This is why we focus on a holistic approach to life and financial coaching. We also believe that you, the client, are the expert on You and your experiences. Therefore, we place high importance on values-based coaching. This means we will work together to bring the various aspects of your life more closely aligned with your values.


  • My Money Mindset


    Do you want to get a better handle on your financial mindset and your relationship with money?


    This package provides the perfect opportunity to explore how money impacts  your relationships and your life. Identify and address issues that may be impacting your ability to achieve your most abundant financial life!

  • My Money Mindset



    Do you want to get a better handle on your spending habits? Do you have some idea of what you want, but you're not quite sure how to get there?


    Then, you've come to the right place. This packages provide the perfect opportunity to work with our coaches AND Certified Financial Planner to identify what might be holding you back and put you on the path to achieving your most abundant financial life!

  • Journey Back to ME


    Are you ready to develop a deeper relationship with yourself? Do you have a sense you were created for more, but you can't quite seem to get there?


    It may be time for you to reconnect to yourself and your deeper values so that you BECOME the person you know you are meant to be. This package has been created to provide you with just the right amount of support to help you move through this process of "becoming" in order for you to live your most abundant and authentic life!

  • Relationships in Harmony


    Are you recently married or are you and your partner interested in getting support around your relationship? Do you and your partner have different beliefs that may be getting in the way of you having the relationship you both want?


    Our coaches can help you identify your individual and shared values so you can create a shared vision to help guide a healthy and rich relationship.

  • Financial Mediation Counseling

    Are you experiencing a conflict with others about money? Have you tried to work through the issues on your own, but have been unsuccessful?


    Our financial mediation services are designed just for you. We can partner with couples, business partners, and family members to provide objective and supportive mediation based on our extensive psychological expertise. Don’t let finances get in the way of these important relationships!

  • Life, Financial, & Relationship Coaching

    ---Individual Sessions--

    Are you struggling with a particular area of your life? Have you been successful in certain areas of your life, but seem to struggle in others? Have you started to identify unhelpful patterns, but you're not really sure what to do next?


    Our individual sessions are perfect for you. We can help you identify areas of your life in need of support and provide tailored and supportive coaching informed by our extensive psychological expertise. Let us help you live according to your values and set you back on the path to living your dreams!

  • Executive Coaching

    ---Individual Sessions--

    Have you recently promoted to a leadership position? Are you an executive who wants to introduce new initiatives or leadership styles into the company? Or are you experiencing difficulty aligning your personal and leadership values with your actions on the job.


    Our life coaches can work with you to improve your effectiveness as a leader, identify and explore ways to incorporate your values into your leadership, and expand your executive mindset so you become the executive and strategic leader you desire to be!

  • The Adaptive Executive


    Do you want to be a highly effective leader? Is there something holding you back from being the leader you know you can be? 


    This package has been created to help you identify your leadership values and align them with the goals of your company. We will work through areas that might be holding you back from being the best leader you can be. We all have the potential to be highly effective leaders. Let us help you get there!


*Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching does not conduct psychological therapy or counseling for severe mental health concerns. If you are experiencing severe mental health symptoms, please seek mental health care from a licensed mental health provider. If you receive life coaching services from Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching, our life coaches will recommend that you see a mental health provider if we identify that you may need a higher level of care. Additionally, our life coaches are mandated reporters of child or elderly abuse or neglect.

**Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching does not provide any referrals or recommendations for specific licensed mental health providers and individuals will be solely responsible for identifying and seeking mental health care.

***If you are experiencing thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please contact a mental health professional, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or dial 911 immediately.


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