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To help you achieve your most abundant life, guided by your values and our holistic care.


At Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching LLC, we understand that the various parts of our unique human experiences are interconnected. We also believe that you, the client, are the expert on Your life. Our promise is to work with you to bring the various aspects of your life more closely aligned with your values!



  • Develop a healthy relationship with money.

  • Learn psychological and practical approaches to improving your financial mindset.

  • Explore how your relationship with money impacts other areas of your life.

30 min: $150
50 min: $250


  • Uncover your beliefs about yourself, the world, and your experiences.

  • Identify your values and what makes you, You.

  • Set goals, remove barriers, and take action toward a more authentic  You!

30 min: $150
50 min: $250


  • Mediation services for couples, business partners, and family members who are in conflict and/or separating

  • Explore the root of your conflict.

  • Identify key relational factors of your partnership.

  • Address psychological, financial, and other barriers to conflict resolution.

30 min: $210
50 min: $350


  • For couples, family members, business partners, or any other relationship important to you

  • Explore past conflicts and work toward a shared vision for your relationship.

  • Implement strategies to foster improved communication, trust, and collaboration.

30 min: $180
50 min: $300


Packages of up to 12 sessions of any combination of services can be developed, based on your needs!


Contact us to find out more!


*Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching does not conduct therapy or provide diagnoses for mental health concerns. If you are experiencing mental health symptoms, please seek clinical care from a licensed mental health provider. If you receive life coaching services from Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching and our coach identifies that you may need a higher level of care, our life coach will recommend that you see a mental health provider. Additionally, our life coach is a mandated reporter of child or elderly abuse or neglect.

**Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching does not provide any referrals or recommendations for specific licensed mental health providers and individuals will be solely responsible for identifying and seeking mental health care.

***If you are experiencing thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please contact a mental health professional, dial 988 for the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, or dial 911 immediately.

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