Hui Malama Advisors LLC consists of our three member firms: 

  • Hui Malama Financial Advisors LLC

  • Hui Malama Tax and Accounting LLC

  • Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching LLC

Utilizing Hui Malama Advisors LLC, we are able to engage with you via one consistent website and brand while offering services across three separate industries. Hui Malama Advisors LLC utilizes these member firms listed above to provide client services. Hui Malama Advisors LLC itself does not provide services to clients.

Our Logo

Within the logo above you will find three colors: green, blue, and purple. The combination of them make up the Hui Malama Advisors LLC logo.


The green is for Hui Malama Financial Advisors LLC where we provide financial planning and advising services to individuals and businesses. The green is the center because the financial plan should be based on who the client is at heart and catered to their needs and desires.


The blue is for Hui Malama Tax and Accounting LLC where we provide both individual and business services including, but not limited to tax return preparation, virtual CFO services, and business consulting. Blue is the shell of the turtle because it is mostly tax and accounting compliance work to protect you.


Last, but likely the most important, is purple. This represents Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching LLC where we provide coaching services to explore and provide education on psychological issues pertaining to finances, relationships, individual life challenges, and leadership. Purple is on the head and tail because our personal psyche, experiences, and beliefs direct our decisions; and we are here to help guide you on your path.


Why the Honu (Sea Turtle) Logo?

The Honu (turtle) is our founder’s Aumakua (Family Protector/Spirit Animal). In Hawai'ian culture it is believed that this spirit animal watches over the family and protects them.

The Honu is also a symbol of longevity, steadiness, calmness, and dependability, which we believe are important in your life, your finances, and your choice in advisors. 

Specifically, the Honu is seen as a guiding spirit and navigator. Our team of advisors and coaches are passionate about helping our clients navigate life’s financial and emotional difficulties. The Honu also represents wisdom and longevity. It is our aim to share our knowledge and advice so that you can best care for yourself and your finances in pursuit of establishing your own legacy. In this respect we have named our member firms starting with “Hui Malama” (Group of Caretakers). We bare the kuleana (responsibility) to be your trusted independent advisors.

We hope that you enjoyed the first step on getting to know our firm. Please see each of our member firms below and their respective service offerings. We look forward to learning more about you. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

Who do we serve?

Our member firms are cloud based, which means that our clients can access, share, and communicate with us from anywhere in the world. We are open to all clients for personal and/or business services. If we are not the right fit we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

**As minority and military owned member firms, we especially have a passion to advise and coach minorities and US armed forces troops/veterans. We understand the history of political, economic, cultural, and overall well-being marginalization minorities have endured and continue to face. We also take pride in our all-volunteer military who place their lives on the line for the protection of us all. We want to focus on this diverse group and provide you with the tools and guidance to live your most abundant life. Even more, we want to see this abundance passed on for generations to come!

A hui hou (Until next time)

Hui Malama Financial Advisors LLC, Hui Malama Tax and Accounting LLC, and Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching LLC


Honolulu, HI 96819​​

Ph:    808.222.9319

Text:  808.400.7010

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Disclaimer: Hui Malama Advisors refers to one or more of Hui Malama Financial Advisors LLC, Hui Malama Tax and Accounting LLC, and Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching LLC. Hui Malama Advisors LLC and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. Hui Malama Advisors LLC (also referred to as "Hui Malama Advisors") does not provide services to clients. Hui Malama Advisors LLC refers to one or more of the US member firms of Hui Malama Financial Advisors LLC, Hui Malama Tax and Accounting LLC, and Hui Malama Life and Financial Coaching LLC; these are related entities that operate using the "Hui Malama Advisors LLC" name in the United States. Engagement letters and services will be made by the applicable member firms providing services and will be presented to each client prior to the initiation of such services. Please see to learn more about our network of member firms.