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What we are thankful for!

Heading into the holiday season we often find ourselves pausing and reflecting on our life, mission, and goals. We at Hui Malama Advisors LLC would like to take a minute to reflect on these same topics while giving thanks. We are grateful for each person that has come across our idea, been a motivator, given insights, and/or have been dedicated clients. We thank you for your support. We desire to serve, educate, and advance as many clients as possible through dedicated services that are tailored to help you live your most abundant life. We are humbled that you have given our business life and we hope to best serve you for yours.

Our mission is to help you live your most abundant life. Specifically, we aim to service minorities and military members because each of our founders is a minority or member of the US military. More importantly, we are aware of the historic and systematic challenges that racial and cultural minorities have experienced, limiting our opportunities to amass wealth, be psychologically healthy, and lead overall happy and prosperous lives. Minorities have experienced stolen land, broken treaties, slavery, cultural suppression, and discriminatory practices in policing, schooling, voting, home ownership, and banking and lending practices. Yet, through it all, we have persevered and demonstrated steadfast patriotism. In every major military engagement, racial minorities have volunteered, served with honor, and even given their lives in defense of this nation.

We are also grateful for the military, as an institution, and the brave men and women who serve. While not always perfect, the US armed forces have historically led the way in integrating racial minorities and women into the workplace. The military, with its standardized pay scale, based on rank and time in service, also provides a unique opportunity for equal pay and promotion structures for all members. Individually, the all-volunteer members of the military engage on a path that less than 1% of the US population will ever experience. These individuals decide every day to prioritize service to this nation over their own desires. They endure high physical fitness standards, long work hours, family separation, decreased autonomy, and threat of harm when deployed.

For these reasons, we are proud to serve military members and minority men and women. We understand you, we are you, and we are here for you! We have one simple goal: to help you succeed in living YOUR MOST ABUNDANT LIFE. We are motivated by making an impact and seeing our clients grow and succeed in reaching their own goals. We thank you for you drive and passion to become more, because it sustains us. Turn in, and find out what is important to you and how you can best make that happen. Enjoy the holidays and family.

A hui hou (until next time)!

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