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What you get from working with a psychologically trained coach

Starting a coaching program is an incredibly rewarding experience! Having someone on your team, there to help you identify and clarify your goals and move in the direction of your values is life-changing. But not all coaching is created equal. The majority of coaches you will find probably have a ton of incredible personal life experiences and on-the-job coaching experiences, but few have been trained in understanding human behavior, or in how to help people like you in the most efficient and effective ways. At Hui, our coaches are psychologically trained in human behavior. It’s what makes us so unique. And here’s why we think that’s really important:

1. Psychologically trained coaches undergo many years of experience studying human behavior, researching human behavior (or reading hundreds of research articles on human behavior), and practicing their skills.

Working with a psychologically trained coach means you benefit from their many years of experience. Clinical psychology training is extensive, thorough, and ranges from 5-10 years, depending on the specialty (that’s after a 4-year college degree). Training not only involves a lot of classroom learning and reading about human conditions, but also research, and clinical practice supervised by seasoned clinicians. Only after successfully completing academic training and obtaining a certain number of clinical hours can someone become licensed. This high level of training means that coaches at Hui have spent A LOT of time learning about what you might be going through.

2. Psychologically trained coaches know the research out there showing what types of techniques are most effective at changing thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Improving thoughts, feelings, and behaviors is really at the core of any coaching program. Research out there has shown what techniques are most effective over the long term. Our coaching packages are based on techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy, all approaches backed by research to improve your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Psychologically trained coaches have this knowledge and can use it to help you reach your goals—from feeling happier and more whole to getting out of debt.

At Hui, you benefit from working with coaches who have dedicated their lives to developing expertise in understanding human experiences and intervening most efficiently and effectively. Our many years of experience will help you in your journey to living your most abundant life. We can’t wait to work with you!

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